Who doesn’t want to post jobs to Google Jobs?

Google Jobs has just arrived in the UK after a successful roll out in the Unites States last year. When performing a job search on Google today, it’s pretty hard to miss because Google Jobs is often at the top of the search results. I’d guess that most people want to post jobs to Google Jobs.

But can’t Google already see my jobs?

Google Jobs uses a different crawler to its usual website crawl tools. To be included in Google Jobs, your advertisements must be prepared with structured data so that Google can understand the content. Once jobs are available in the right format, publishers must command Google’s jobs crawler to take a look. The jobs crawler inspects the job’s structured data and determines whether other contributors have posted the same job.

When you post Jobs to Google Jobs, applicants have a choice

When a jobseeker finds the job, Google Jobs offers the option of where to apply. To illustrate, if a job’s contributors are TotalJobs and Gumtree, the applicant can choose which he or she prefers to apply with.

So what about your favourite Applicant Tracking System? Can CVMinder ATS post jobs to Google Jobs too? The answer is “Almost!”

Posting Jobs to Google Jobs coming soon

That’s what we have been working on. We’re currently developing our solution to publish Jobs to Google Jobs and making it just as easy as posting to any other job board. As part of this development we also want to ensure that our customers retain publishing control. That means that only the jobs they want to post to Google Jobs go there.  CVMinder will make sure that the jobs are current and conform to Google’s strict structured data requirements. Jobs posted to Google Jobs must also have an application process attached to them, so that one is in the bag.

We’re almost finished, so we thought we’d let you know that it’s coming. If you want to post your jobs on Google Jobs, there will be no easier way than with CVMinder ATS. It will operate just like the other boards we connect to, so you’ll retain control of all of your postings and they’ll expire when you want them to.

What do you have to do to prepare? Not a thing. All of our existing customer will receive a license upgrade automatically once development is complete. We’ll keep you posted so that you know when you can post your jobs to Google Jobs and reach a wider candidate audience.

Stay tuned and thanks for your support.

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