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Recruitment Management and Applicant Tracking in one clever e-Recruitment System

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 Perfect for Job Shops, Agencies and Employers

Options for Recruitment Management and Applicant Tracking

Online with nothing to install

Perfect for auditing Compliance with Recruitment Management Regulations

Works on your own website for a seamless applicant experience

Easily build and manage your own talent pool to reduce ongoing recruitment fees

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a clever e-recruitment system for Recruitment Management and Applicant Tracking

CVMinder: An Online Recruitment Management System

CVMinder is an online Recruitment Management System. It’s securely accessible from anywhere and at any time you need it. CVMinder is used as an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) by Employers and a full Recruitment Management System (RMS) by Job Shops and Agencies.

CVMinder helps you to Recruit faster and more accurately whilst supporting the full participation of your applicants in the recruitment process. With features that support measured shortlisting, employment checks and automated data protection policies, it also helps to to remain compliant with industry regulations.

CVMinder takes minutes to implement and only a short while to master so you can start advertising your vacancies on your website today.

So, how does the CVMinder Recruitment Management System work?

It’s in the cloud, so there’s nothing to install, scales from single user to full enterprise-wide collaboration and within minutes offers a flexible, electronic solution to recruitment management, from job posting to shortlisting, interviews and employment offers. Start by advertising vacancies on your own website then link external adverts so that you capture all applications in a single, secure, sharable system.

Job advertising on my own website? How does that work?

In just a couple of minutes your webmaster can insert a CVMinder Job Frame into the chosen page of your own website. That allows people to register their details with your organisation and apply for your jobs.

How long will it take to learn the CVMinder Recruitment Management System?

One of our Job Shop clients required only a couple of hours of training, after which 5 staff were fully productive. Another of our clients introduced CVMinder to its hiring managers during coffee breaks.  It doesn’t take long to learn because we’ve made it intuitive and really simple to use.

How do I get started?

Call the CVMinder Team on 01634 202 101. We’re not pushy and we’d be very happy to help you.